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Customised Freight Solutions take the confusion out of freight. We seamlessly integrate our clients with multiple Transport Carriers through the implementation of our Freight Management Technology which creates a simple and managed logistics solution.

Our Freight Management platform consolidates all information into one system which means that you don’t have to learn anything specific about the transport industry or the carriers that your company use.

Instead, you learn how to use a single platform with a single, smart and intuitive interface, making your workload smaller and your time more efficient. The end result benefits our clients with the Administrative efficiencies of using one provider whist gaining the advantage of using multiple carriers for their specialised fields.


The transport industry is made up of hundreds of carriers around Australia, all with their own specialties. Some specialise in carrying full semi loads from state to state, others carrying cartons and a few carrying satchels. Further to this, there are the carriers that specialise in the states they travel to.


Being a national business these days proves difficult when you need to get freight to all corners of the country and even more difficult when that freight is full pallet loads for stock replenishment or cartons to fulfil specific orders. If you are looking to manage your freight by minimising the number of carriers, you use and keeping your costs down at the same time you will be disappointed.


Wouldn’t it be great to have access to the best carriers with the most competitive rates who deal in their specialised fields? All the while keeping your efficiencies high within your business by not having to make several phone calls or visit various online booking portals. This is where the Freight Management industry comes to the fore.


Customised Freight Solutions calls this the 5 pillars of transport. Why 5 pillars? Well here they are:


  1. Carriers specialising in national satchel deliveries

  2. Carriers specialising in national carton deliveries

  3. Carriers specialising in single pallet movements on the East coast

  4. Carriers specialising in single pallet movements to the West coast

  5. Carriers specialising in Full Truck Loads nationally


When you can utilise all these carriers within the one easy to use software platform that gives you the information you currently receive and more, how much time could you save? And therefore, how much money could you be saving not only in the freight movement itself but as I touched on earlier, in the time saving on not having to make several phone calls or go to various websites.


When you’re in the business of growing your business and keeping your costs down, it is worthwhile having a discussion with a freight management company that can take away the pain of moving your freight for you.


Air Satchel service - 1,3,5,10kg satchels with national coverage, including a 97% next day delivery guarantee.

Air Cartons

Eastern Seaboard - pallets, oversize and cartons

WA - Melbourne > Perth Express and General (2-3 day and 5 day)

SA & NT - Road & Rail - pallets and oversize

General Eastern Seaboard

Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Alice Springs


We give you a delivery estimate for each and every order you place.
As a handy guide, select a city below for some typical delivery times.


Customised Freight Solutions will investigate, review and model your freight requirements constructing a true picture of your current situation.
We then benchmark the current cost of services and service levels provided by the incumbent freight providers. 
You will receive a complimentary, detailed report outlining your rates against the current market rates.
You will receive a complimentary list with the range of services and efficiencies that Customised Freight Solutions can provide throughout your supply chain process. 
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