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Our consultants outsourcing experience includes offshore sourcing with a number of recent projects related to product sourcing in China and evaluating the downstream Supply Chain benefits.

Our extensive supply chain network provides us with the experience that not many 3PL suppliers can provide. 3PL is an effective service only when executed correctly and this is where we assist to ensure all the processes are in place to make this happen.

We are located to the East of Melbourne in Lilydale, our freight services have an international reach & we always strive to provide the highest quality Freight Services possible. Whether it be 3PL warehousing, freight forwarding or general transport, we can help you.

At Customised Freight Solutions our outsourcing approach provides our customers with the following benefits:

  • An ethical and thorough tender evaluation process

  • Finding the right cultural ‘fit’ with potential outsourcing partners

  • Getting the best value for money from the outsourcing contract rather than the lowest price

  • Providing professional assistance and methodologies in the outsourcing process

  • When required, throwing the net wide, including new and developing companies

  • Evaluation of varied ‘types & styles’ of outsourcing partners

  • Providing essential decision support during the outsourcing decision, which should never be a forgone conclusion

And providing all of this, in a structured, objective and unemotional process.

Our specialist outsourcing consultants have been involved in numerous outsourcing and tender related projects across many industries. Our thorough and meticulous approach to outsourcing ensures success for your business. For any questions in regards to our extensive 3PL & 4PL services contact us below. 

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