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Booking your next freight movement made easy

Technology is putting information at our fingertips these days. Having the ability to quote and book your freight online with options for the cheapest or the quickest movement is becoming the norm.

Think of all the wasted time if your having to compare prices and ETA’s on various websites or worse still having to call a carrier to get this information. It amazes me that organisations are still performing these tasks within their operations. These are organisations that talk about streamlining their processes internally whether it is in their manufacturing or their distribution facilities. Yet they leave the most important part of their supply chain to be completed in the most in-efficient method.

Whilst multi carrier technology has been on the market for several years, it is only in recent times that this software has begun to be embraced and received the uptake it deserves. This technology allows customers to get online and have a multitude of carrier options where their booking will go to the various carriers with minimal clicks of the mouse, not having to open different websites and never having to pick up the phone again. The technology allows you to track your freight and returns the pod to you when your ready to view it. That might be on the day of completion or in 6 months’ time.

If you don’t have access to that information and are looking to increase the efficiency of your staff within your facilities, then you need to find someone that can help you in that area. That’s where Customised Freight Solutions comes in. Click on the link to find out more www.cfsolutions.com.au

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