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Do you know what your hidden freight costs are?

As a freight broker we have a unique insight into the freight industry than most do.

We see the side that our customers see with despatch, packing and service. We have knowledge of the products our customers manufacture, how they pack and transport those products and where they send them to. We know what time our customers generally manifest, how many trucks they will need on site and the times of the year that they perform stocktake so that we can always be steps ahead and alleviate some of their internal workload. We also gain an insight into how carriers run their companies and what happens behind the scenes to ensure your consignment travels from A to B in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

When a consignment goes missing, is overcharged or has not been collected it is our duty to manage this to get a resolution for our customers. The process that we go through to have this resolved varies between carriers based on how their internal processes are structured.

With some carriers it is a direct call to a familiar contact who assists with troubleshooting the issue and quickly gets you a resolution. In other cases, it is a long process of submitting claims online and waiting many business days to get a response back. It can definitely be a time-consuming (and patience testing) task and the fact that we alleviate this strain on our customers is one of the major reasons why many businesses continue to partner with Customised Freight Solutions.

When a business breaks down how much time is spent back and forth with carriers to obtain answers on multiple queries, it highlights how much of a money pit this part of freight management is in regard to time and cost efficiency. When your business is paying an employee to spend their work day back and forth on non-revenue building tasks it leaves you wondering if there is a better way to manage this. That’s where Customised Freight Solutions come in. Having the option to quickly call a member from CFS and know that they will manage all of the chasing and follow up for you to ensure that your time is better spent is a win on all fronts. It uses your time more efficiently and allows you to focus on other tasks whilst knowing that your query is being followed up and resolved with no further action required by yourself.

There are hurdles that we face as a freight broker. In many cases the customer service wait times are long and in some instance’s carrier accountability is rare. As an extremely customer service-based business it is difficult at times to have to inform our customers that there is not yet anything to report back regarding their query. Rest assured we don’t quit, and we continuously strive to exceed our customers expectations in all areas of our business.

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