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Growth of the Freight Industry

I have written in previous articles regarding the changes in the freight industry with technology, the “need it now” requirements and the specialist carriers or 5 pillars of freight. These changes and improvements all lead to one thing. The growth of the freight industry which coincides with the overall growth in GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

The expectation leading up to 2022 is a growth in GDP by just under 2.8%, with the increase in overall revenue for the freight industry increasing by $7 billion up to $47 billion since 2016. Just like growing a business, when an industry grows it leads to creating more problems. Its how quick we move to create the solutions that determine how we sustain the growth. Of course, with this growth there is road, rail and sea infrastructure that needs to be addressed. These are all areas that are being addressed as I write this with the most recent example being Toll adding 2 new ships to their fleet to cross Bass Strait.

Leaving all the bigger issues and big words aside such as revenues and infrastructure, what about the day to day operations of getting goods delivered around the country? With more being moved, there is more that can go wrong. There are also more enquiries being generated to follow up when goods will be delivered. How far can an automated service go when you’re trying to locate where your parcel is? These issues can become frustrating for you and your consumer.

This is where the Freight Management industry comes into action. These businesses will manage your freight, provide simplified pricing mechanisms, and be the ones to do the running around when things go wrong. Leaving you to continue with your own business.

As we continue to grow as a nation, so too does the need to move goods and the more complicated it will become. Leave freight to the professionals who it will keep it simple for you.

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