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Logistics Planning

The importance of understanding end to end deliveries and the intricate details of how a delivery will be made to its destination.

Customer or consumer sees a product they like and buy it without thinking of how it will be delivered to their office or into their lounge room. They get caught up in the emotion of the product and how great it will look in their space. They neglect to think logically and ask themselves will it fit in my space. If it does fit in my space, will it physically fit through the openings to get into my space. It will no doubt be delivered on a truck. How heavy is it, is equipment required to get it off the truck, will the driver have the appropriate equipment, or do I have to arrange it?

Before committing to buy, check the requirements of your building. Check the dimensions and weight of the product and its packaging. How will it be taken off the truck, how will it be physically delivered to where you are, is there a flight of stairs that need to be contended with, is there a goods lift, is there obstructions on the way to your desired location.

Not giving enough thought to these perceived small details could be costly by way of re-delivery fees, dismantling equipment or furniture or worse having to have specialised equipment to deliver your items. A $100 shipping fee could turn into $1000’s if not planned properly. Those specialised vehicles don’t come cheap.

Research, Plan, Prepare and avoid un-expected costs.

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