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Technological Advances in the Freight Industry.

The evolution of all things Internet has taken a big spike in the recent 10 years. When everyone says it couldn’t possibly affect their industry, we look back to 10 years ago when online streaming of music was cutting out the royalties of artists. The shake up this caused within the industry where many thought it would bring the industry to its knees had it not been for pioneers such as Jimmy Iovine teaming up with Apple to create a medium that would allow for music to be streamed online whilst artists were paid royalties for the convenience.

Further disruptions due to technology were Companies such as Amazon making shopping something you could do from your lounge room. Disrupting traditional bricks and mortar. Ride share companies giving you another option that could be booked and paid for via an app on your Smartphone, disrupting the traditional taxi monopolies.

The transport industry has taken a similar path with PDA’s being used to transmit work to drivers, GPS units being installed in vehicles and more recently extending out to Freight Management companies being able to despatch work to the carriers through multi carrier software programs. Whilst the internet would not bring trucks to a halt, it has certainly made it easier for consumers and businesses to move their freight around the country.

The “Need It Now” mentality has always been around. Especially in the Auto Industry where it was simply termed “Just in Time”, however this has now extended to businesses where cash flow is key and exceeding customer expectation is pinnacle. Businesses are now competing for customers sales based off who can deliver their purchase at the best price and in the least amount of time, whilst also being able to track their purchase from despatch to their door. With technology becoming more advanced within the logistics industry, Freight companies have been able to meet the needs of all requirements, as opposed to once upon a time where as a consumer or a small business you had no choice but to fall in to line with what your courier company could provide you.

The technology available to businesses continues to improve and allow SME freight businesses to play in the same arena with the largest corporations yet apply the personal touch. Likewise, with customers and consumers having the same tools at their fingertips as organisations.

Technology in Logistics continues to grow and evolve and will only continue to complement the industry not hinder it creating more and more transparency throughout the supply chain. So as an industry we can’t be scared or have an old school mentality where we think customers just want their freight moved, we need to embrace it and grow with it or we will be left behind.

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