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What I've learnt about the Freight Industry

Before I commenced my role at Customised Freight Solutions I was completely uneducated as to what exactly a freight broker was. I presumed it was simply a business that other businesses hire to manage their freight to make sure that consignments travelled from A to B in time. Were there costs associated? What exactly did they do? I had no idea.

Taking on the role that I am in now has completely changed my perspective on how vital a freight broker can be to businesses. In my previous role we used a 3PL company to manage our stock and deliveries. This worked great for us but at times came at a high cost. We explored the idea of leasing a warehouse but that was met with a lot of logistical issues that we didn’t have the answers to. Had I known at the time the services that Freight Brokers offer I can guarantee that it would have been a path that we explored. But, what about those businesses that have the storage capabilities that we didn’t at the time? How would they organise deliveries of their products with the pick and pack process already managed in-house?

As I learn more and more about the freight industry I find myself reflecting on just how advantageous a freight broker can be to a business – and it also highlights how many businesses and individuals have no idea about this side of the freight industry.

I see this lack of knowledge when I explain to people what it is that I do, but most importantly, I see it after we bring on clients who are now seeing dramatic improvements in their logistics structure through rates, procedures and solutions that they never knew existed.

CFS do not just manage your consignment from A to B.

With no cost to your business CFS:

- Review your freight

- Details areas where efficiencies can be improved within your business

- Implements the right carriers for your services to reduce your costs

- Simplify the way you manage your freight Reduces your in-house noise

- Provides you with a passionate customer service team who are available 24/7

- Condense everything onto one invoice

- Manages all of your freight and bookings

- Provides you with an easy to use transport management system with impressive features

So what’s the catch? How does CFS make money if they don’t charge their customers for their services? CFS generates its revenue through margin on freight costs whilst still providing competitive rates for our customers and offering all the above mentioned services at no further cost.

Even if your business does not decide to go ahead with a freight broker, it is still worthwhile discussing what services they offer and what efficiencies can be created through the implementation of their services.

Freight can be a huge cost to any business, why make it higher than what it needs to be?

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