Utilising the rail network throughout Australia allows Customised Freight Solutions to offer diversity in charges and delivery times required to meet your budget. Whether you need to move an LCL – loose container load, FCL –  full container load – in 20′ or 40′ containers, or you have machinery or pallets we can arrange this for you.

The range of product moved across the rail network is extensive including:

  • Grains

  • Coal

  • Steel and metal products

  • Wood and logs

  • Cars and auto parts

  • White goods

  • Consumer goods

  • Manufactured goods

Utilising our trusted and reliable network that is constantly travelling up and down the east coast and across to the west, we fulfil our client’s requirements with high service level whilst consolidating and reducing costs. Although Rail will not work for all, we assist in this decision making process ensuring the correct mode of Transport has been chosen to suit your needs.

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