With over 170 carriers to choose from and a total fleet in excess of 500 vehicles ranging from rigid up to multi combination; we select the right vehicle type for your freight. The preferred carriers we choose to work with have the same high standards as we do, combine that with our freight monitoring systems and you achieve a very consistent, high standard service being supplied (We don’t accept anything less) !!


Our long list of partners gives us the ability to coordinate any type of movement anywhere around the country or the globe. If you have one single pallet to send or a full semi-trailer load to be delivered from one side of Australia to the other or within any other continent, we will ensure we find the right carrier for your freight. There’s no point in sending a carrier that predominantly moves tractors to carry one pallet, or a pallet carrier to move a tractor. Through our years of experience we have found that whilst road freight can be simple it is when people fall into the trap of believing one carrier can supply all requirements. A simple example of this is when a company that uses a parcel carrier but every now and then they need to send a pallet as well. Just this simple extra can add up to thousands of dollars a year going straight to the bottom line of costs. Customised Freight Solutions uses the right carrier for the right freight profile; saving thousands of dollars and turning them back into Net Profits for you. Combine this with the technology available to all levels of your staff and the processes are made simple

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